Co-Founder & Musical Artist

Jason Nesmith

Jason is an arranger, group director, and musical artist based in Fairfax, VA. He’s an alum of Richard Bland College of William and Mary (2017) and George Mason University (2019), where he studied English and Vocal Jazz.

Jason began his musical journey within the large walls of his church in downtown Richmond, VA. He says, “Growing up around so many beautiful voices that effortlessly blended together in harmony got me immensely interested in a cappella at a very young age — whether I knew it or not.”

For almost two decades, Jason eagerly consumed any and all knowledge he could about vocal performance, music production, songwriting, and of course, a cappella. Through his tireless work ethic, passion for development, and hands-on learning style, he’s managed to achieve success as both a musical artist under his surname, “Nesmith.” and as Co-Arranger, Assistant Music Director, and Outstanding Soloist for the award winning group, Mason Some Noise.

He continues to apply his extensive knowledge of music, performance, and songwriting to his coaching, as well as his a cappella arrangements — all of which fuse his playful vocal style with elements of pop, rock, r&b/soul, and of course, gospel. He and Evan with their talents combined have crafted a dynamic, eccentric, and charming sound that continues to resonate with thousands throughout the DMV-area and beyond.